About service diagnostic monitors

monteon — service to test a computer monitor, laptop screen, TV or mobile device display.

Previously, different screens to check the majority of people use special software to check the monitor (eg "Nokia monitor test" - the world famous program). The disadvantages of using such programs include a high probability obtained by downloading from the Internet from within the program built the virus. In addition, the program is usually designed to run on a specific platform. That is, if the program is written for the computer, it is not suitable for testing the screen of your phone, tablet or TV.

Other users have used to test displays specific table check monitor or check the image.

Knowing the pros and cons of various methods of testing display devices, we tried to create for you a versatile cross-platform tool for testing the correct configuration screens and monitors.

So there was an online service test monitors monteon.net.

Now you do not need to download a program to check the monitor on the defective pixels, out checks monitor calibration for individual pictures, tables, do the test on the color reproduction on the monitor gradient images — you just go to the site monteon.net.

All the tools in one place. It is convenient and fast, no searches, downloads and installations. In addition, you can check via monteon not just a computer and a laptop. Test the screen android, iphone, ipad, and all other mobile phones and tablets. You can even check the TV to the defective pixels, since most modern TV sets already support the work with the Internet, which means that they are available monteon.net

monteon test supports monitors with IPS, TFT matrix displays, and all types of mobile devices. We have not forgotten and outdated CRT-monitor.

monteon adapts to all sizes and screen resolutions. That is, you can easily check the same 4-inch screen of your mobile phone, and to test the monitor 24 inches (or 27 inches of the matrix).

We hope you enjoy our free online service, and you share the link with their friends. We are waiting for your feedbacks

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